Frequently Asked Questions

What is FormalCars?

FormalCars is a web site dedicated to connecting owners of unique, modified or luxury cars with people who are looking to arrive in style to their formal, wedding or special occasion. The site allows car owners to list their vehicle with photos, special features and offer their availability.

The cars listed on FormalCars are individual and unique, ensuring that you will make an unforgettable entrance at your special occasion.

For car owners:

Why should I list my car on the website?

It is widely known that if you have a unique, modified or luxury car you can charge between $50 to $200 per formal and up to $250/hour for weddings.

What are the legal requirements to being a paid driver?

The requirements are different in every state and territory to offer this service but you require a $100 permit and in some states or territories nothing at all.

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How do you ensure appropriate insurance for hiring your services as a mode of transport?

An option on your standard vehicle policy with most motor insurers for an extra $100 or so depending on the insurer.

Do I require public liability insurance?

Public Liability is not a strict requirement but a good idea to be covered if you are really worried about being covered for an incident that you are at fault.

Who drives my car?

Everything is organised by you - the owner of the car. You aren’t hiring out your car to someone; you are offering your services to be able to drive them to their formal or wedding in your car. Formal Cars does not provide driving services.

How long is required to do an average formal?

It varies in time but approximately 1 hour is required or longer if negotiated with the hirer.

How long is required to do an average wedding?

The average wedding requires a car and driver for 3 hours unless specified otherwise.

What would I be required to do when someone wants my car for their formal or wedding?

Formals – Generally you drive to the hirer’s (student) house and pick them up, photos are generally taken with your car and then you drive them to their function venue. You will be lined up with lots of other cars and you will drop your passengers off. It is recommended to organise payment before dropping your passengers off.

Wedding – The average wedding requires a car and driver for 3 hours unless specified otherwise usually at two to three different locations.

What is the approximate cost I should charge?

The average going rate per formal is anywhere from $80 to $250 per formal but if your car is in high demand you may be able to charge more.

For people looking to hire a car:

How do I contact the car owner?

To contact a owner through email use the enquiry form on their page or alternatively contact them via phone sometimes available in their listing.

What are my obligations if I hire someone’s services to drive me to my formal, wedding or special occasion?

The owners of the cars listed on FormalCars have often put a lot of time and money into preparing the car for you on the day you require it, just like you have spent time and money preparing yourself. Make sure you treat the car and the driver with respect and most importantly, enjoy your ride!!



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